A Startup Ecosystem

Rocket Hatch started because we saw the need for a supportive community for entrepreneurs that wanted to focus their efforts in the commercial space, leveraging modern technologies and business frameworks to launch new companies that could create value locally while selling globally.

Many of us had seen first hand the startup movement taking hold around the world and transforming it rapidly. We understood that starting a business in the 21st century was way different than just a decade ago. First the internet, then the cloud and now mobile technologies had changed everything, and we knew we wanted to join in, but we did not want to leave our home, Huntsville.

We knew Huntsville had all the critical elements to be a thriving startup ecosystem. However, disruptive commercial startups were not common and, if they existed, were disconnected to the local scene.

Since we 2014 we started tracking our local startup community using coogle.it (disclaimer, this link is a referral and if you use it to create your own account we get to use more coogle for free).


Below is the latest iteration of the startup ecosystem. If you feel we need to add more organizations make sure to drop us a note. Or complete the survey through the button below.



Below is the first map we created as our baseline the year we started. We included a number of organizations and stakeholders that we felt were critical for commercial entrepreneurship. It has served as a baseline to measure our progress towards our goal to unleash the untapped entrepreneurial potential of North Alabama through an open, inclusive, and collaborative startup community