What is the Brain Trust?

The Brain Trust is a Rocket Hatch community initiative that aims to engage experienced and emerging entrepreneurs within a collaboration framework designed to maximize the success rate of new and growing businesses. It provides entrepreneurs the support they need in their journey. This program was created by entrepreneurs to the benefit of entrepreneurs.

Unlike traditional platforms which disseminate standardized basics with a top-down approach, the Brain Trust serves as a peer to peer network where new and experienced entrepreneurs benefit through an organic level exchange of ideas.

Who is it for?

Brain Trust is for current and future business owners that are able and willing to commit to the shared expectations of the collective. Key among those is a commitment to confidentiality. In addition, participants must commit to attend at regularly and be accountable to their peers. 


How does it work?

Participants can expect a variety of activities designed to sharpen their skills while having fun. Those activities include peer support round table discussions, one-on-one mentoring, on demand problem solving, relaxed interactive training sessions, and fun social mixers. Meeting intervals and location will vary according to group and individual interest. Expect to develop professional relationships with peers, mentors, coaches, facilitators, investors, and others interested in seeing you succeed.

peer support

Brain Trust groups meet every month and provide a safe venue to discuss business challenges.


Experienced entrepreneurs share experiences with emerging starters.


The cohort environment brings accountability by following up on next actions by each member.

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